Royal Artists are students who have demonstrated above-average skills in the work they do.

Each student has to pass very strict grades and criteria prior to obtaining a basic certificate and the title of a PhiArtist.

In order for an Artist to become a Royal Artist, he/she has to:

  • have minimum one-year experience
  • be exceptionally active in the PhiCommunity (PMU & microblading world community)
  • be highly appreciated by the other Artists and Masters
  • help selflessly to developing students
  • follow the trends and continually perfect his/her skills
  • be careful when choosing working equipment and materials

When an Artist rises enough, he/she will be proposed to all PhiMasters for the title of a Royal Artist.  All the Masters have to agree unanimously about the assignment of the title.
Royal Artists have access to Craft Master and MasterClass with special conditions and special price.

This entire process is very long and difficult but it eventually makes the PhiAcademy able to guarantee for the work and quality of Royal Artists to the clients.

All royal artist have the opportunity to be chosen from the Masters to travel with them and help them during their trip with included remuneration.
If you are interested to be on the list of Royal Artist who could be chosen from the Masters for help, send an email to