PhiNesse makeup is no longer just a fleeting trend — it’s one of the biggest beauty center of Phi Academy. So, of course, there’s a huge demand for makeup that make your skin look effortlessly flawless. Unfortunately, the results aren’t always easy to achieve. Proper skin care plays an important part in pulling off the “natural” look, but it’s something many people forget about or don’t have time for makeup. Instead, we rely on makeup to conceal flaws, and natural goes out the window in favor of caked-on foundation.

This treatment is about providing make-up instruction and giving advice to clients from a variety of age groups and for a range of different purposes. PhiNesse make-up is able to advise and instruct on the correct use of tools (brushes), equipment and the application of make-up products to suit a variety of clients’ needs. To carry out this treatment it is necessary to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene throughout the work.

PhiNesse treatment is able to prepare instructions for Make-up:

Consultation techniques: Client requirements, client satisfaction, client expectations and aftercare, visual, manual, listen. Using a range of terminology regarding the make-up application.

Planning: Tools and equipment, make-up kit (brushes & handmade eyelashes), primer, foundations, concealer, powder, blusher (cream and powder), eye shadow  (cream and powder), mascara, eyebrows, eye pencil ,brows pencil, liquid liner, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, corrective make-up/colored concealer (green, lilac).

Examples of contra-indications that may prevent treatment: Severe skin conditions, eye infections, conjunctivitis, bacterial disorders (impetigo), viral (herpes simplex), inflammation or swelling of the skin, undiagnosed lumps or swellings, severe acne, boils, herpes zoster, warts, parasitic infections, scabies, positive patch test, hypersensitive skin, severe bruising, cuts and abrasions.

Examples of contra-indications that may restrict treatment: Recent scar tissue, minor eczema, minor psoriasis, minor inflammation of the skin, facial piercing, hyper-keratosis, skin allergies, watery eyes.

Equipment tools and products: Primer, foundations, concealer, powder, blusher (cream and powder), eye shadow (cream and powder), mascara, eyebrows, eye pencil, brows pencil ,liquid liner, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, corrective make-up, brushes, handmade eyelashes .

Skin analysis: using magnifying lamp, eye protection, batch control at all areas of the face and neck skin type, skin conditions and characteristics, treatment plan, most suitable treatment, suitable products, prevent worsening of conditions, accurate aftercare advice, future treatment needs..

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